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CPQ [ENSP00000220763]

Plasma glutamate carboxypeptidase; Carboxypeptidase that may play an important role in the hydrolysis of circulating peptides. Catalyzes the hydrolysis of dipeptides with unsubstituted terminals into amino acids. May play a role in the liberation of thyroxine hormone from its thyroglobulin (Tg) precursor.

Synonyms:  CPQ,  A0A024R9B8,  E5RH35,  E5RJA8,  E5RJP8 ...

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Extracellular space Cytosol Plasma membrane Cytoskeleton Lysosome Endosome Peroxisome ER Golgi Apparatus Nucleus Mitochondrion 0 1 2 3 4 5 Confidence