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FBXO4 localizations

FBXO4 [ENSP00000281623]

F-box only protein 4; Substrate recognition component of a SCF (SKP1-CUL1-F- box protein) E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase complex that mediates the ubiquitination and subsequent proteasomal degradation of target proteins. Promotes ubiquitination of CCND1 and its subsequent proteasomal degradation. Recognizes TERF1 and promotes its ubiquitination together with UBE2D1; F-boxes other

Synonyms:  FBXO4,  FBXO4p,  hFBXO4,  D6RAJ6,  D6RAU6 ...

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Extracellular space Cytosol Plasma membrane Cytoskeleton Lysosome Endosome Peroxisome ER Golgi Apparatus Nucleus Mitochondrion 0 1 2 3 4 5 Confidence