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INTS5 [ENSP00000327889]

Integrator complex subunit 5; Component of the Integrator (INT) complex, a complex involved in the small nuclear RNAs (snRNA) U1 and U2 transcription and in their 3'-box-dependent processing. The Integrator complex is associated with the C-terminal domain (CTD) of RNA polymerase II largest subunit (POLR2A) and is recruited to the U1 and U2 snRNAs genes (Probable). Mediates recruitment of cytoplasmic dynein to the nuclear envelope, probably as component of the INT complex; Armadillo-like helical domain containing

Synonyms:  INTS5,  INTS5p,  hINTS5,  Q6P9B9,  KIAA1698 ...

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Extracellular space Cytosol Plasma membrane Cytoskeleton Lysosome Endosome Peroxisome ER Golgi Apparatus Nucleus Mitochondrion 0 1 2 3 4 5 Confidence