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CKAP5 [ENSP00000432768]

Colonic and hepatic tumor overexpressed gene protein; Binds to the plus end of microtubules and regulates microtubule dynamics and microtubule organization. Acts as processive microtubule polymerase. Promotes cytoplasmic microtubule nucleation and elongation. Plays a major role in organizing spindle poles. In spindle formation protects kinetochore microtubules from depolymerization by KIF2C and has an essential role in centrosomal microtubule assembly independently of KIF2C activity. Contributes to centrosome integrity. Acts as component of the TACC3/ch-TOG/clathrin complex proposed to contribute to stabilization of kinetochore fibers of the mitotic spindle by acting as inter-microtubule bridge. The TACC3/ch- TOG/clathrin complex is required for the maintenance of kinetochore fiber tension. Enhances the strength of NDC80 complex-mediated kinetochore-tip microtubule attachments; TOG domain containing

Synonyms:  CKAP5,  CKAP5p,  hCKAP5,  E9PQH5,  H0YEK7 ...

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Extracellular space Cytosol Plasma membrane Cytoskeleton Lysosome Endosome Peroxisome ER Golgi Apparatus Nucleus Mitochondrion 0 1 2 3 4 5 Confidence